Let's create an offer so compelling, your clients feel silly saying "no".

With this unique dedicated 1 hour 1:1 session, we’ll craft the perfect offer, value ladder, and sales funnel - all designed to increase conversions from curious browsers into paying customers.

Not only will we design something extraordinary, but it will feel natural, simple, and easy-to-follow too!

In this impactful 1:1 session, I will help you craft an irresistible offer from start-to-finish in just 3 simple steps.

I'll show you what goes into crafting an effective message, how to prequalify leads so they convert more effectively, and what it takes for success with your offers.

And best of all — even if you're new at this — it's easy with my step-by-step personal guidance.

Imagine just how powerful this could be in helping you grow your revenue -- faster than ever before.

You'll feel confident knowing that you have laid down a strong foundation for success, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business as well.

Stop imagining and booking our session together right away! Only 5 more sessions are available this month. Let's get started on this journey towards creating something incredible together today!

In your 1 hour 1:1 session you'll get...


A powerful offer that your customers won't be able to resist.


A value ladder roadmap for your business to build customer loyalty.


A seamless sales funnel journey that is easy for people to buy from you.

Get an Irresistible Offer in Just 1 Hour

Book your session today as there are only 5 session left this month!

Irresistible Offer

Regular Price $450

$97 With Coupon Code 'VIPGIFTS'


Stop spinning your wheels and finally feel irresistible!


  • One hour 1 on 1 session with Juli Baranik, founder of Seven Figure Builder

  • Refinement of your target audience to know exactly who is your ideal client

  • Clarity in what to include in your offer

  • Ideas for impactful bonuses to increase value of your offer

  • Guidance on Guarantees to build trust with your client

  • Personalized Value Ladder to increase customer loyalty

  • End-to-End Sales Funnel to increase your sales per client

  • Personal feedback to make your offer irresistible

  • Huge business impact for minimal time investment

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